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→ Aug 2014 melodyhansen:

@gabrielahansolo #thosesuburbandays
→ Aug 2014
→ Aug 2014 "And there in that moment I could sense an impalpable rapture sink between our futures, bind us, almost through waves of uncontrollable stillness, and I knew we would be together forever." — Sophia Anderson (via sophieandrsonblog)
→ Aug 2014 terrysdiary:

Empty Pool
→ Aug 2014
Anonymous: How did you and tayloroctober become friends? 😁

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→ Aug 2014
Anonymous: What do you do for a living?

A few things. I currently make candles, am a part time receptionist, and I sell art or photos, while I work on recording music.

→ Aug 2014 themanrepeller:

Getting dressed can be a drag, so let’s copy her!
→ Aug 2014 jonathanschoonover:

Photo: jonathanschoonover and cschoonover

Styling: generallynecessary
Model: gianninaoteto
H+MU: Kristen Ruggiero
→ Aug 2014 boyirl:

untitled - Thomas van der Zaag
→ Aug 2014
→ Aug 2014 Hair cut is killlleerrr
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